Multi-Faced Donation Platform

40% - 50% ROI

The Jacksons CC is a global group for investment(BTC) and peer 2 peer(NGN).

Join us today and benefit from our immense system.

About Us

Find out who we are and how we stand out. ;)

The Jacksons CC is a mutipurpose donation / investment platform with the aim to provide for all users a stable and sustainable investment programme. TJ is operated and managed by a team of experts with high knowledge of the financial markets or P2P and Bitcoin Invstments.

Simply create an account and select your preferred investment format (Naira or Bitcoin), then pledge a valid amount between $50-$2000 and complete your donation/investment. Note that a 100% Reinvestment is required on the first cycle only.

Benefits / Features

Dual Donation Mode

Every investor can choose between the Naira (Peer to Peer) and Bitcoin (Investment) model.

Referral Bonus

A 2% One-time referral bonus is awarded to each member whenever you bring in new investors in the system.

Payment Window

12 Hours Payment duration for Naira and 24 Hours duration for Investment Withdrawal

Smart & Sustainable

Our platform is highly sustainable because of our revolutionary dual system of donation..


You get email and phone notifications when you are merged to either pay or recieve donations..

24/7 Customer Support

Our team of experts are always there to answer the tough questions and to help you navigate our profitabe platform better.


Join us today and reap some great financial rewards from our system. The Jacksons is a promising venture with lots of potential and a lot of experts and prefunding; we are here for you.